Sandstone patios

Hartley Gardens is a good choice for pathways, patios, and other outdoor pavement because of its beautiful texture and inherent slip resistance. Call for sandstone patio Services in Camberley, Fleet & Hook (UK) if you want to make your landscape stand out with a beautiful paving that will last for years. Sandstone’s inherent composition makes it stronger and more durable than other paving materials. 

How are sandstone patios better than other patios?

  • Sandstone v/s limestone

Sandstone and limestone, on the other hand, are equally suitable for patios. Remember that the ridges in sandstone make it somewhat more slip-resistant than limestone, which is important for patios and garden walks with a lot of foot traffic. When compared to limestone, sandstone offers a wider choice of colour and design possibilities.

  • Sandstone v/s porcelain

Sandstone is a totally biological substance, it has a very natural appearance. Each item is one-of-a-kind in a variety of designs. This offers a wide of design options. Sandstone requires very little maintenance. Cleaning sandstone is simple since you can pressure wash it without harming its colour or surface. Porcelain, on the other hand, is solid and tough to cut, making it difficult to instal. Porcelain is a heavy material, so be sure your deck or other outdoor space can take the extra weight before choosing on this style of pavement.

  • Sandstone v/s granite

Granite is tougher, lasts longer, and is simpler to keep clean. However, because it’s so difficult to carve, it’s a less apparent choice for masonry projects where heritage isn’t a concern. Sandstone is less difficult to work with and is still widely used in the Camberley, Fleet & Hook (UK).

Some of the essential characteristics of sandstone:

  • Environment friendly

Sandstone is recyclable and biodegradable because it is not treated with hazardous chemicals and its production method has fewer negative impacts on the environment.

  • Fine textures of sandstone

Sandstone’s surface shows small quartz crystals when cut or broken, giving it a delicate glassy shine. It’s quite lovely (and the reason why the Maharajahs used it to build their palaces and gardens). You could even come across fossils that show the stone’s creation millions of years ago.

  • Wide range of color choice

Sandstone pavement has a lot of colour variation. Because of the natural stone composition, you’ll find brighter and darker colours in the same pack. It may not be seen in direct sunshine, but the colours of sandstone become richer and more vivid after rain. The colour variations in standard sandstone paving slabs is greater than in the mid-range and premium sandstone categories.

  • Durability

Sandstone lacks the durability of slate or granite, yet it is solid enough to survive for decades if properly cared for.

Why should you choose sandstone patios?

  • Increase the value of your house
  • Ideal for outdoor dining, family gatherings, or casually lounging.
  • Make a good impression on your friends and neighbours.
  • Constructed with high-quality materials that will last for long time.

Allow our sandstone patio experts to assist you in selecting the ideal colour scheme and laying pattern for your house and business locations in Camberley, Fleet & Hook (UK).