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Hartley Gardens has vast expertise in installing porcelain tiles both indoors and out. Porcelain gives a modern look to individuals who want to enjoy outside areas such as patios, terraces, and pool surrounds.

We design attractive outdoor spaces for you in Camberley, Fleet & Hook (UK), to enjoy all year round.

Why porcelain paving?

The robust, non-scratch surface of outdoor porcelain, as well as its frost resistance and exceptionally long life duration, are just a few of the advantages. They’re also mould and slip resistant, making them perfect for paving patios, steps, and balconies, as well as around water features like ponds, spas, and swimming pools. We’ve been laying cutting-edge porcelain and ceramic tiles since they first appeared. Laying exterior porcelain tiles in your garden and house surrounds may give you a luxury and modern look at a low cost or less expensive than the natural stone.

The main benefits of installing Porcelain Patios are followed as:

It requires very little maintenance

Porcelain paving slabs for outdoor use feature a non-porous surface that makes them almost maintenance-free. You won’t have to worry about discoloration from water, mold, or mildew since they’re water-resistant. They’re also resistant to scratches, chipping, and furniture marks. Unlike wood, there are no issues with water stains, sealing, termites, or splinters. All you have to do is spray them out with a jet-water wash every now and again.


Perfect for cold regions

The porcelain pavement slabs for outdoor use are frost-resistant. Freezing and thawing cycles will not break the surface, no matter how harsh your winters are.

More durable than natural stone

Porcelain paving slabs are much stronger, more durable, and denser than real stones, due to the extraordinarily high temperatures used during the production process. They’re great for residential purposes and business locations with significant traffic and driveways because of their superior robustness.

It does not fade in the sun

Porcelain paving slabs is unaffected by the sun, so the colour will not fade or alter over time, and the slabs, as previously said, are fade resistant. You never want to go outdoors and be disappointed with your outdoor space, especially if you’ve chosen marble or stone look tiles.

It does not require sealing

The surface of porcelain pavement does not require sealing since porcelain paving materials have a porosity level of virtually zero, which means no sealer is required, and thus no maintenance is necessary.

Porcelain pavement slabs are not slippery

Porcelain paving slabs have a textured surface that is meant to be slip-resistant even when wet. They’re ideal for usage on the patio, in the garden, by the pool, and in other outdoor areas.

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The straight, sharp edges of porcelain tiles need little sealing, resulting in a smooth and thin appearance. They’re also available in a variety of styles, including stone, concrete, and wood-effect porcelain tiles. Contact our Camberley, Fleet & Hook (UK), porcelain patio experts now to learn more or to get a free estimate.