Looking for patio installers in Camberley?

If you are looking to build a new patio in Camberley, then it’s a great decision. Having a patio enhances the aesthetics of your home and improves your lifestyle in so many ways. Starting from giving a pleasant space, it also creates a wonderful entertaining area during hot summer days. The patio can extend your living area, and it can work as an extension of your living room or kitchen. A quality patio helps to transfer activities and is extremely helpful for a large family or for those who like to entertain.

Patios don’t need to be high maintenance and they are made of strong and durable materials that make them resistant to all weather conditions. There are different kinds of patios you can build at your home, one of the most popular being sandstone slabs. Hartley Gardens have a trained and highly skilled team with decades of experience in providing patio installation in Camberley. You can contact us anytime and get in touch with our quotation team.

The process of building a patio

The installation process of building a patio starts with laying out and preparing the site. Next we prepare the patio space by taking exact dimensions, shape and position. Then we mark it using ropes or laser levels. Now we can lay landscape fabric that prevents the soil from damaging your patio. There are so many options for materials like indian sandstone, concrete slabs, resin and tegula blocks. You can choose any material you want and we can advise on the benefits and according to your budget. The next phase involves spreading the
base layer, we make sure that the thickness of the bedding is at least 4 inches.
Now you can choose a pattern you want or show us the picture of the dream patio pattern you would like. The patio materials can be arranged in almost any shape you can imagine and we aim to offer a truly bespoke service. After the pattern is confirmed, we progress with installing the paving. There are many complex things to be taken care of. Like keeping a certain space and the angle of the patio especially when considering the sun positions through the year. Our professional patio installers in Camberley take care of that. After
completion of the pavement we often add a sealer to make the patio more durable. Hartley Gardens aim to offer the best patio installation services in Camberley and nearby Hook, Fleet and Lightwater.

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If you would like a FREE visit and site quotation from one of the leading patio installers in Camberley please contact us anytime. We would be glad to pay a visit and give you a free estimate and some friendly advice. Our highly skilled team also offers various other services to make your lifestyle easier and better, including fence installation and tree work