Artificial Turf Contractors

Hartley Gardens is a prominent artificial turf and installation producer in Camberley, Fleet & Hook (UK). Our eco-friendly, resilient, and low-maintenance artificial turf are perfect for every lifestyle and application, whether it’s a sports field, golf range, or a tiny patch in the lawn.

We are proud of our one-of-a-kind installation services in addition to our high-quality goods. We can turn a barren piece of land into a beautiful place by using our specialized equipment. Through a perfect design process and the use of the most durable artificial turf on the market, we meet all space needs and aesthetic preferences. Allow us to enhance and beautify your lawn so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Benefits of Artificial Turf:

When compared to natural grass, the advantages of artificial turf become apparent. In Camberley, Fleet & Hook (UK), we are serving our utmost artificial turf service without worrying about breaching water limits. So, the benefits of installing artificial turf may include:

  • Shade Isn’t a Problem

Artificial turf does not require direct sunshine, but genuine grass can fade and die in shady locations whereas artificial turf  flourishes in the shade because it retains its color and size in the absence of sunlight and water.

  • Affordability

Artificial turf’s long-term worth and cost-effectiveness are two of its most common advantages. While it may appear to be an expense at first but it is an investment that will increase the value of your house over time. 

  • Less requirement of water

Artificial Turf needs water once in a while just to avoid odors and remove dirt. Otherwise, artificial turf does not require that much water.

  • Excellent for Outdoor Recreational Areas

Bocce ball courts, tennis courts, and, patio surfaces are all excellent fits for artificial turf. It can handle a high level of foot activity and is quite durable. It is also simple to cut and shape according to your demand.

  • Not required any harsh fertilizer

Artificial turf is attractive and bright even if it isn’t fertilized on a regularly because it doesn’t grow or expand. The turf will remain lush, green, and free of toxins. Harsh fertilizers can also cause algal overgrowth in streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes, which can be harmful to the local area.

  • Safe for all

One of the advantages of artificial turf is that it also includes an antibacterial agent that helps to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading. Children and pets may play on artificial turf without worrying about being exposed to hazardous pesticides, fertilisers, or other toxic chemicals used in natural grass lawn maintenance.

  • There are no grass stains

On artificial turf, kids may play as hard as they want without getting mud stains on their clothes or shoes. When gliding through natural grass, lengthy green or brown streaks form that is difficult to remove, whereas in artificial grass there is no such problem.

Maintenance of artificial turf

Artificial turf requires little care. It is too simple to keep your artificial grass lawn in good shape! You will save time and money by not having to mow, fertilize, or water your lawn very frequently. Clean-up is simple, effective, and quick, and you may enjoy a beautiful green yard!

What kind of maintenance does artificial grass require?

Regular artificial grass maintenance will help in to prevent dirt, moss, and weeds from forming. Before grass installation, a protective membrane weed barrier is installed. With a hard brush, leaf blower, or plastic rake, remove fallen leaves and debris.